Improving online visibility

Let’s face it. We have to make our research visible. At least that is what I have been being told now over and over again lately.

During the course of my PhD studies me and my fellow PhD-students are again and again reminded of this fact. In Sweden there is also something called the third assignment/task that schoolars shall carry out, namely communicate our research to the masses. And how do we do that? One thing is making it accessible and that’ exactly what I have been working on besides my normal work on my these this month. So what have I done then. Mainly I have opened my accounts on different social media again,or not really opened but more like started using them again. I have updated my profile on the professional network LinkedIn. The profile can be found here and also among the links in the end of this post. I have also updated the profiles in the academic social communities of ResearchGate and (click the names of the communities to get to my profile or follow the links in the end of this post. I have also uploaded the last paper i wrote as well a the two Master’s thesis I’ve written during my undergraduate studies in Uppsala and Tromsø (I have not been in academia for so long so there is not so much work to upload). This means that other researchers on these communities can find me, see what I am working on, what my research interests are and even download my work. However both are these communities seem to be quite small in linguistics yet, but time will tell if more and more linguists will find their way there. Both of these communities can fill another function important too me. That is letting me discuss my work and linguistic topics related to my work with others. In my home university we are but a few researchers working in Generative Grammar.

These are a few thoughts I have had the last weeks and some examples of actions I have taken in order to improve my online image as a researcher. It has had some positive effects on my more general interests of the society of today as well. I have actually started writing blog posts, Twitter and FB updates on more general topics as well. This is something I generally wish to to on more of a daily basis, but lack the time energy and even sometimes the guts to do. So let me see if I can keep up the good work beside the thesis work. This is something I have to remind myself as well to keep doing.

This turned out to be a quite long post, but then again, this an interesting topic so I will probably update on how things are going. Now I have to finish this post, as I keep repeating my self over and over again (Hey recursion! :)) Just one last thing. The links! :

My profile on Research Gate

My profile on

My profile on LinkedIn